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[Action → 1127 Taylor Road]

[in the immortal words of one Linus Van Pelt, Halloween has come and gone. as such, Ray is more than a little bit saddened by this; it was his favorite holiday after all, the one night of the year where it's justifiable to run around dressed like an idiot and eat mountains of candy - things he would have been doing if he was back home in New York. way to suck, Mayfield.

the extent of his disappointment is practically palpable, so it might come off as a little worrying to see him drag himself around the house in an apathetic, miserable fashion that's so unlike him that he might as well be droned. thankfully, it comes to a quick end the moment the doorbell rings jauntily, prompting him to answer it where he discovers what else but a large looking package sitting innocently on the doorstep. there's no one in sight which should make this just a teensy bit suspicious - maybe even ominous - but that overly wary kind of attitude has never gotten him anywhere in life, so he bends down, hefts the package up and carries it inside.

...wait. the postman is in on it with the rest of the town, right? what if it's a bomb? god, that would suck even worse than missing Halloween. in the interest of saving himself from a messy demise, he opens the box carefully, gingerly, like he's handling something made from pure plutonium, then jumps back the moment both flaps are open. so far, so good. cautiously, he peers down into the box.

his eyes widen so much that it hurts.

less than a minute later, the box finds itself on the living room floor with the item it was carrying now firmly strapped to Ray's back. he cradles the Neutrona Wand in his hands experimentally before switching it on.

a low hum resonates through the room. and he grins.]


Oh my gosh, I just got the best mail EVER. Totally wasn't expecting it, but I guess these kinds of surprises are familiar 'round here after the town has had its fun with us. This sort of feels like a Samhain miracle, doesn't it? [he laughs softly, exhilarated.]

Hey, Venkman, Spengler - did you guys get something, too? You must have. [AND HOPEFULLY WHATEVER IT IS IS JUST AS AWESOME AS WHAT HE GOT otherwise he'd feel really bad about gloating like this.] And if it's what I think it is - what I hope it is... [a pause, then, hopefully:] ...Does that mean we're really back in business?

[Action → John Doe park]

[throughout the day, you'll see Ray running back and forth around town, mostly doing errands. nothing weird about that, right? maybe the Proton Pack he's wearing on his back might elicit a few stares, but it's okay. really, it is. he couldn't be happier now that he has it back.

...although he does have to wonder a bit about why he even got it back to begin with. Mayfield's a prison, so why would it give its captives pieces of their old lives back to them, especially objects that have the potential to do a lot of damage? isn't that counterproductive?

wait. what if it's been tampered with? what if it's just a replica? oh god, now he just HAS to see for himself.

later on in the day, you'll see Ray at an isolated part of the park. he doesn't see anyone around so he feels more comfortable with powering on the Pack as he stares thoughtfully at a dumpster from across the street. he aims the Neutrona Wand at it and, seconds later, an intensely bright, crackling stream of golden/pink light with traces of blue surges straight at the dumpster and hits it with a defining roar, blowing it clean across the sidewalk, scattering garbage everywhere.

...looks like it works just fine.]
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